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The History & Progression of Urban Rhythm series

6 drumming video lessons filmed in 4K UHD

Filmed in Amazing 4K Ultra HD, using multiple camera angles to ensure you gain a full appreciation of the techniques. Daddy Funk is proud to be Endorsed by: Los Cabos Drumsticks, Istanbul Agop Cymbals & Yamaha Drums. All 6 Episodes feature the "DF" Signature Snare Drum, a Custom, Bespoke Creation by Rich at RT Customs.

The Amen Break | The History and Progression of Urban Rhythm Episode 1

First played in 1969 by Gregory Sylvester Coleman, the Amen Break became hugely significant. Find out how to play the break correctly, and learn it's place in subculture and dance music.

Hip Hop | The History and Progression of Urban Rhythm Episode 2

Drawing on the use of the Amen Break by the innovators of hip hop, this episode demonstrates how the use of live drumming in this genre has come of age, and how you can incorporate what you've learned from episode 1 into playing hip hop grooves.

Drum & Bass | The History and Progression of Urban Rhythm Episode 3

Drum & Bass relies on cut-up technique, and this lesson looks at how the Amen Break has been reworked, rearranged and layered to create rhythms that faithfully reproduce the feel of this innovative British music culture.

Dubstep | The History and Progression of Urban Rhythm Episode 4

A progression from previous episodes that explains how development of rhythm through breakbeat, drum n bass and two step has led to this fusion of 70s rock drumming with drum and bass, incorporating the cut-up technique (and the relationship to the Amen Break) discussed in episode 3.

Broken Beats | The History and Progression of Urban Rhythm Episode 5

With roots in jazz and funk rhythms, Broken beats are based on outside playing, manipulating and working outside the timeline. The modern form of Broken Beats works as a fusion of hip hop attitude with the vibe of soul music, creating a fluid, constantly shifting groove.

Paradiddles | Daddy Funk Drums | The History and Progression of Urban Rhythm Episode 6

From the thirties onwards, paradiddles have been an essential rudiment for use in drum soloing. Find out how you can use these beats effectively to create your own solos, grooves and song climaxes.

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