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Organise a Daddy Funk Drum Masterclass

An unique and inspiring event

Building on our hugely successful teaching practice, Daddy Funk Drums wants to reach even more people and get them excited about drums, drumming, life and music.
A Daddy Funk Drums masterclass is the perfect way to see one of the UK's leading drum educators in performance. It includes a discussion about the craft of drumming, and an opportunity to ask questions about technique, style, and the history of rhythm.

Sponsored by Istanbul AGOP cymbals & Los Cabos drumsticks, in association with BR Distribution in the UK.

Example of Drum Masterclass content:

Performance that tracks through:
Funk, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Jungle, Dubstep & Broken Beats.

Rhythm Ninja: #RhythmNinja:
The relationship between Drums & martial arts, extreme sports (Parkour, Skateboarding) Other Sports such as Tennis, Climbing & Formula 1.

The Science of Groove:
Drum Beats as a precision form married with human feel to create an emotional response in others.

Neurological Aspect:
Left/Right Brain · Concious/Subconscious mind.

Wrists, ankles, forearms, shoulders, thighs. Engram's: Repetition for muscle memory & Neurological retention.

History of Groove:
The progression of 'Urban Rhythmic' forms & their relevance within the timeline of modern culture.

The Time Illusion:
D'Angelo & Ahmir QuestLove Thompson's Broken Beats style from Neo Soul · Fatback from New Orleans · Keith Carlock, Steely Dan.

Music The Business
Living and working as a pro drummer · Studio & recording technique.

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Proudly associated with BR Distribution and John Hornby Skewes & Co

As an artist and endorsee associated with BR Distribution, Daddy Funk Drums is able to supply students with high quality, great value drum equipment from well-known brands including Istanbul Agop, Ahead and many, many more. In addition, you can purchase Los Cabos drumsticks alongside many other well known percussion products through our association with John Hornby Skewes & Co.
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