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My drumming students are a bunch of absolute legends, and I'm privileged to work with talented players of all ages from across the UK and beyond. Many of them have had really lovely, positive things to say about my tuition, and I'm equally privileged to be able to share some of those with you below...

Pete, from Manchester

Eden, from Scotland

Rosie, from London

Alex, from Birmingham

Jo, from London

Rajen, from Birmingham

Tash, from Worcestershire

Kevin, from Birmingham

Kyle Daniel, Northfield, Birmingham

Taking lessons with Daddy Funk has been one of the best decisions I have made as a musician. I took a drum injury in 2006 and never thought I would play again. 3 operations and lots of physiotherapy later I found I could play but barely. Daddy Funk’s understanding of ergonomics and vast experience has allowed me to adapt my playing style to the point where I hardly notice it now.

Also, as a touring rock musician I was very much locked into one style. Playing a wide variety of styles and trying new techniques has increased my ability around the kit notably and overall I have improved to a point I never thought I would reach. Even with 17 years of experience and life-changing injuries I come out of each lesson feeling like I have improved, that I have been challenged and that I’ve had a great time.

If you need re-energising after years of playing or want to play your first beat this is the man to see.

Pete Hughes, Edgbaston, Birmingham

I have been having lessons with Daddy Funk for around 9 months, and I am hoping to continue for the foreseeable future. I had previously played drums for nearly a decade, and felt I was in a creative dead-end - these lessons were exactly the cure.

I was hesitant about starting lessons at this late stage, but Daddy Funk was quickly able to adapt to my level and provide a mixture of fundamentals I had missed or rushed through and creative challenging exercises that stimulated me to go further.

In addition to the excellent material taught, Daddy Funk is always friendly and engaging, willing to discuss anything and I often leave with lots to think about. I would absolutely recommend these lessons to anyone desiring to progress in drums.

Kneil Andrews, Stirchley, Birmingham

I have been having drum lessons with Daddy Funk for about 3 months. I had never played drums before, but I have experience of playing bass guitar. I feel that I am progressing quite well in a professional and friendly environment. There is always something new to encourage me to practice at home. DF lessons are different because you come away feeling you've achieved something. I would recommend DF to anyone wanting to learn drums. I live in the Stirchley area just a few minutes from DF which is ideal.

Harry Cliff, Worcester

I have been taking lessons with daddy funk for a year and a half and am loving it! He and his wife are both as welcoming and as friendly as each other, they made me feel relaxed and comfortable as soon as I arrived, this filled me with confidence that I was bound to have an awesome time drumming and indeed it has.

Its a laid back atmosphere and he is so easy to get along with that I automatically considered him a friend as well as a teacher pretty much from the get go! I have definitely improved hugely since having lessons with Daddy Funk as he is passionate about drumming and wants you to succeed as much as you do. He encourages you to flow and have your own ideas as well as showing you his and building your playing and technique from all angles. I couldn't recommend the guy enough to anyone, he's a great teacher and a Don on the drums!

Sam Bennett, Birmingham

I have been taking lessons with Daddy Funk for 18 months, before this i had played infrequently for around 2 years. Since taking lessons I feel I have improved my all round drumming. My fundamental drumming techniques and drum theory have improved noticeably.

Lessons are always action packed and good fun. They usually focus on one or two concepts with different rudiments routines dropped in. Lessons are good value for money with lots of new beats to take home to practice and new techniques to master.

I would recommend Daddy Funk drum lessons to anyone who needs to improve their drumming, anyone who wants to improve/develop rhythm or any accomplished drummers who just wants to reignite their enthusiasm for drumming.

Lee Taylor, Birmingham

I have been taking drum lessons with Daddy Funk for 18 months and had not ever played drums before. I have learned a lot with lots of confidence and enjoyed every minute.

Simon is a very good teacher and goes at the pace the student wants to go. I would recommend Daddy Funk lessons to anyone whose interested in drum lessons.

Tash, Worcestershire

Having been a huge Prince fan since the age of 9, having heard and watched Sheila E and her awesomeness when I was a teenager, I never for once thought I would ever sit behind a kit and even DARE to make a sound, never mind discover how to play anything like her… But, fast forward a few decades, for some obscure reason I decided to give it a go, starting the hard way – as a complete beginner, a mature student, and with no musical training. Yikes!

As soon I found the Daddy Funk Drums website, I knew that learning to play with someone who called himself 'Daddy Funk' was the way to go. And from my first admittedly nervous lesson – where he quickly put me at ease and assured me we would learn at my pace rather than rushing ahead to any rigid structure – learning acoustic drums has opened up a whole new and exciting world. DF's teaching has given me invaluable drum technique, the vital stick skills and, as a bonus, some personal therapy in terms of encouraging my self belief, being less fearful, more physical and giving me confidence as a female musician.

As a teacher, DF is patient, relaxed, encouraging, positive, enthusiastic and friendly. And yes, he know his stuff. He is passionate about a wide range of musical genres which are reflected in his own drumming style, and he is more than willing to share and discuss particular techniques and other musicians' styles to help you be a better player yourself. And Daddy Funk's methods of teaching really do work! It is quite natural. He pushes you when he feels necessary and holds back when he feels you need more time to develop certain aspects of your playing, which means that learning with DF is very much a bespoke process – the whole progress also relying on your own additional practice outside lesson time.

A year on from my first lesson, The FunkMaster DF himself now tells me I am actually a 'Drummer' which is a phenomenal achievement for me. I have to give him the credit for that, and am happy to state openly this is the best thing I have ever done. Having DF as a drumming mentor gives me the impetus to continually aim to improve my technique and musical feel to enjoy being the best drummer I can be.

Paul Kelly - Edinburgh

A fantastic teacher. After trying different tutors who insisted I stick to the hats-snare-bass triangle it was brilliant to find a teacher who actively encourages you to try fills and to mess around with the grooves you learn. Over time this teaches you to be flexible and creative and appreciate different sounds, space and colours. DF is enthusiastic, explains complex concepts very clearly and is just generally a top, top man and all round nice guy!

Simon James - Droitwich

Daddy funk drum school has been a great experience for me. Simon the tutor is upbeat and very enthusiastic. Which makes you want to work harder in practice. My bass drum control and precision has increased 300% in a month thanks to the help and tips of daddy funk drums. Very nice guy too. Highly recommended.

Jamie Davey - Christchurch

Absolutely brilliant drum teacher! I have been been going for lessons with daddy funk since I was a wee nipper and have always loved them. The lesson's are great fun and coupled with his exceptional teaching style you will learn so much. Amazing teacher, I highly recommend him!

Alex Pardon - Bournemouth

An absolutely exceptional master-class in drumming, if you want to learn how to drum this is the man to go to! I have been drumming with Simon for a few years now and I really look forward to my next lesson! You will learn things like what a para-diddle and a rudiment is, how to play the famous Amen Break and play along to your favourite music, all is catered for with a Daddy Funk drum lesson.

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